Mosquitoes, Though they are tiny, They play an important role in spreading of diseases like dengue, malaria, chickungunya, west nile virus, Enceptalities, Zira virus, yellow fever, that ends to death. All these diseases are spread only by these mosquitoes. To destroy these mosquitoes we fight against them in several ways by using mosquito repellents, mosquito coils, But we fail in all these measures

Day by day these mosquitoes grows and gives lot of troubles to mankinds. So in order to save your family we need to find a solution. Is there any permanent solution for this. Yes there is starnets - Anti mosquito force. We manufacture 304 grade SS meshes with velcro type which are high in quality. We also do stainless steel mosquito meshes for higher end customers.

Starnets, we are a global mosquito net company in Coimbatore that has helped people pursue a helathy, active life since 2000. Our osquito nets personal care products are available exclusive throughout 90 cities. We support and help to bring good healthy life to children in need. We design mosquito mesh according to your requirement. Charges are ffordable and best quality meshes we offer. Our mission is to change people's lives by providing the best life at home. In direct selling and the best quality mosquito nets and related products in the world. There are so many diseases which are transmitted through mosquitoes such as malaria, dengue, chicken gunya, yellow fever. Browse our products today and protect your children from mosquitoes and diseases spread by the mosquitoes. Netlon mosquito meshes with attractive designs.

Door Type Mosquito Nets

Save your homes with all types of mosquitos and insects by plotting mosquito meshes on your main doors.

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Window Type Mosquito Nets

Using mosquito anti-drugs may spoil the health. fix mosquito nets on your windows and have a deep sleep.

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Velcro Type Mosquito Nets

Velcro type mosquito nets are easy for maintenance as it can be removed and fixed after cleaning

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Pleated Type Mosquito Nets

It is the higher end model of mosquito nets fixed on balcony and open air circluating areas.

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Roller Type Mosquito Nets

Roller type mosquito nets are easy accessable and we offer good quality which sustain for long years.

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Special Type Mosquito Nets

Protect your families with malayria, Dengue and chickunguniya by avoiding mosquitos in homes.

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Welcome to Star Mosquito Net in Coimbatore

There are so many ways to avoid mosquitoes entering into the home like killing with mats, using mosquito bats, mosquito coils and anti-mosquito body lotions. but all these methods are temporary and dangerous to health. Fixing mosquito nets on doors and windows is the only permanent solution to avoid mosquitoes and save your family.

Children get affected frequently by diseases like dengue fever, malaria, chikungunya and many more because of these mosquitoes. We understand the situation and established our organization for saving our environment and make a safety life for all.

We offer good quality mosquito net in Coimbatore from past 2 years. We customize the Netlon mosquito meshes according to the need of customers. It is easy to install and 100% safety from all insects. We surely deliver within three days and offer the best service on your doorsteps.


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